"I understood all the words. They were new and made sense. That's why the past was the past. That's why, if everything changes and wears out, then loves also fade away. You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I 'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. You shouldn't have started, attracted me, touched me. I shouldn't have given so much, I don't know how to play. People tell me that today that's how other women do things. But I'm not any other women. Before we get too close, before we throw it away, You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. I'll find other languages to sing your praises. I'll pack our bags for the fields of eternal harvests. I'll say those magic words spoken by African healers. I'll say them with no regrets, so that you love me still. I'll make myself a queen so that you don't leave me. I'll make myself new so the fire starts again. I'll become like those other women who make you happy. Your games will be our games, if that's what you desire. I'll make myself brighter, more beautiful, to rekindle the spark. I'll turn myself to gold, so that you love me still."

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Menage Fantasy Part I

Oh God, what am I about to do?
Janice looked at the two men in front of her. She loved them with equal passion, and was unable to choose. Brent was the first to suggest it.
“Why would you choose? I’m willing to share you with him, if he agrees. Why don’t you ask him, you could be surprise…”
So she asked him. And guess what? He accepted it…On one condition: He wasn’t attracted by men and didn’t want any…interraction with Brent. She was ok with that, after all, she wanted both of them for herself.
And here she was, looking at those two men who were waiting for her to stop blushing and shaking like a schoolgirl.

Marcus wasn’t very happy. He was there because he loved Janice, and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to handle it. What if he couldn’t stand to see Brent’s hands on her? This was so awkward, all of them waiting for someone else to move. Maybe he should be the first to go to her. As soon as the thought formed in his mind, he saw Brent standing up and walking to meet Janice. Damn! Brent drew her into his arms and kissed her, slowly, his lips lingering over her mouth. Janice seemed to melt into the kiss and Marcus clenched his teeth. She was molding against him, arching her head back into his waiting hand and baring more of her neck. Brent took advantage of her tempting skin under his lips and nibbled at her. She moaned in his arms.

Marcus’ balls hurt. His chest hurt. Damn it, he couldn’t take this any longer. Torn, he stood there staring at Brent and Janice sharing the intimacy of wet kisses, hungry, going out of his fucking mind. He unconsciously took a step forward as Brent was starting to undress her.

“Should I?” Brent asked him, hands poised on the last fold of the tie at her waist.

Janice sent him a dazed look over her shoulder. She was so ready for it now. All her apprehensions were gone as long as her shyness. She wanted them, both of them, with a force she didn’t know she had inside her.

Brent’s fingers inched down Janice’s legs to brush over the sensitive area just above her clit. She was happy she didn't wear any panties. He used his other hand to unfasten the belt that was keeping the dress at her waist, and it felt on the floor. And now she was totally, stunningly naked.

Brent wrapped his hands around her thighs and gently pulled, spreading her legs wide. Marcus has now a clear view of her glistering pussy and he heard Janice drew a ragged breath. What was he doing on this side of the bed, all alone, with his desire burning his entire body? The hell with it, he wouldn’t stand there any longer!

From the corner of her eyes, Janice saw Marcus marched around the bed and move forward with a determined look, a dangerous gleam in his eyes. He finally reached them, and pressed himself against her back, wrapping his right arm around her waist. His hand went down, aiming at her pussy in a soft gesture that contrasted with his hungry look. He lowered the hand on her thigh, tracing lazy patterns through her pussy before he slowly dipped inside, watching her body swallow it. With a moan, she rested the back of her head on Marcus’ shoulder while Brent watched him penetrate her with one finger, slowly fucking her, before adding another one.

Brent didn’t stay motionless too long, that wasn't in his nature. He bent his head forward until his mouth brushed an already erected nipple. He began to suck it gently, whirling his tongue around it, then he bit it slightly, having Janice gasped from pain and pleasure at the same time. He eased the bite by gently licking it, then went to give the same treatment to her other nipple.

Janice was slowly losing her mind, the sensation of Marcus’ fingers and Brent’s mouth almost overwhelming. She reached down and pushed Marcus’ hand away, plunging her fingers in her pussy, then she held up one wet finger and traced her nipple with her juices.

“Taste me,” she pleaded to Brent who didn’t hesitate and sucked on the coated nipple, licking off every drop. Marcus’ hand came back to its original task, his mouth nibbling at her neck.

“Will you let me taste you too?” He whispered in her ear, the caress of his finger intensifying with each strokes. Before she could answer, Brent’s hand went to her pussy, mingling with the other man’s fingers. Marcus jumped and stood still as Brent brought his soaked fingers up, stopping at a few inches from Marcus’ mouth and offering them for him to taste.

Janice tensed, worried about Marcus’ reaction to Brent obviously sensual gesture. She looked at the man in front her with pleading eyes but he just smiled and winked at her, his fingers still waiting at Marcus’ mouth. She could feel Marcus tensed body against her, and she prayed he would not leave now…

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quenching Your Thirst

The room was plunged into darkness, the only light coming from the moon when I entered the bedroom. I could guess the shape of your body under the sheets. You were lying on your back, one arm over your eyes, as if the little light from the moon was bothering you. I left my shoes at the door, not wanting to wake up you, and headed to the bed.

I stood there, motionless for a minute, watching you sleep. I couldn’t keep a soft laugh from escaping my lips as I heard you lightly snoring; I would have to record that sound one day, since you never wanted to believe me when I told you that you snore! Without taking my eyes off you, I began to undress, shivering when the cool air brushed my skin.

Naked, standing at the foot of the bed, I hesitated, not knowing if I’ll be welcomed after the long day you had. After a few seconds of reflection, I decided that I had a long day too and deserved a treat, one that only you could provide.

Forgetting my hesitation, I climbed on the bed, crawling over your body slowly, brushing yours almost by accident, until my lips were resting on top of yours. You stirred in your sleep, your arms coming automatically around me without waking up, like an old habit. The feeling was calming, almost smoothing and my body rested on yours in a comfortable embrace.

But all too soon, it wasn’t enough and I needed to feel your skin on mine. The damn sheets were in the way. I reluctantly pulled them back so I could slip under the worrisome cloth and rub myself against your warm skin.

You lazily opened your eyes and stared at me, your gaze not quite focusing yet. After what seemed to be an eternity, you eyes gleamed in recognition. Much to my delight, a smile spread on your magnificent and lusty full lips. I could feel your cock hardening on my stomach, and I shifted a little to press my body more firmly against yours.

I lowered my head until my lips reached your shoulder, my tongue sticking out to taste your skin. Your scent invaded my nostril. I breathed deeply, combining my smell and my taste to fill me with your essence. Your hands travelled down my back, reaching my ass, squeezing it lightly, while your mouth followed the same pattern as mine.

We stayed there, enjoying the licking and nibbling, until you abruptly rolled on top of me, pinning me to the bed with a savage look on your face. The move startled me and I fought to catch my breath, totally taken by surprise.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Waking me up when I was sleeping so deeply. And dreaming too…the most wonderful dream. I had you pinned on the bed and was savoring your sweet little pussy until you cried for mercy. I guess that I’ll have to make you pay for interrupting it… And I have an idea of what your punishment will be…”

My eyes widened at your statement, your words and your voice sending chills all over my skin. My body began to relax. I closed my eyes, putting my fate in your skilled hands and mouth.

Not wasting any time, you slowly began your descent along my body. Your tongue circled one of my nipples, lavishing it with all your expertise. You pinched lightly the other one between your fingers, just the way I like it. Your hands rested on my arms, forbidden me to move and my back arched to push my nipple further in your mouth. You raised your head so your eyes could meet mine and grinned at me.

“I’m going to release your arms, because I need to go down on you to quench my thirst. You are not allowed to move them. You’re going to endure whatever I’ll do to you, and you’re going to stay perfectly still. Is that clear?”

I faintly nodded, not trusting my voice at that moment, the thought of what you were going to do to me is overwhelming.

“Good. Now try to relax and enjoy. I know I will.”

You knelt between my legs, placing your hands on my knees to open them broadly, exposing my already dripping pussy to your sight. You stayed there, looking intensely while slowly licking your lips, giving me a glimpse of what this fantastic tool would do to me.

You finally lowered your head and your tongue began to draw every folds of my pussy. You started by intentionally avoiding my clit, triggering a series of moans of protest. You kept teasing me, not allowing your tongue to touch the part of my body that wanted the most to be touched. I could feel my orgasm willing to erupt but unable to reach its fulfillment and I groaned in frustration.

You finally took pity on be, and after a low rumble escaped your throat, your tongue came to rest on my clit. Not moving, just resting there to tease me a little longer. And then, very slowly, your tongue encircled my clit, licking it with gusto, like you were savoring the best meal of your life.

I knew I wasn’t allowed to move my arms, but I couldn’t help it, my hands went for my breasts, slightly grabbing them to enhance the pleasure you were already giving me. My head went back, my back arched as the long-awaited orgasm exploded, making me scream your name in a hoarse voice.   

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Miss You So Much

I miss the talks we used to have, I miss the voice I used to hear... I miss hearing your crazy but cool stories, and above all these... I just miss you!

I Want To Devour You Part 2

You abruptly raise your head and look at me. Your eyes are dazed with pleasure and you seem not able to focus. "You.... What??"

I smile and repeat my question. "Where do you want to come, in my mouth or deep inside me?"

I can't help myself and burst out laughing as I watch your brain struggle to comprehend my words. I know exactly when you finally understand the question by the twinkle that flares in your eyes.

Your voice is low and husky with need. "Baby, as much as I love that talented mouth of yours, I love that sweet, oh so tight pussy of yours even more."

A sensual smile appears on your lips and your body relaxes. Your hand cradles my chin and your lips embrace mine in a hungry kiss. I rise up on my hands and knees and my legs straddle your hips. I shift around until my pussy sits poised right above your rock hard cock. My hand goes to your chest and caresses the small fluff that covers it.

Your kisses always thrill me and this kiss is no exception. My tongue invades your mouth and you suckle on it the same way you lavish my clit. You break the kiss and your eyes lock with mine. The hunger written all over your face sends shivers down my spine.

You put your hands on my waist and push me slowly down, until your cock gently enters me. My hole opens up for you and swallows the head. An electric shock ripples from my pussy to the top of my head. I am going with wild desire and you're content to tease me. You hold me up and slowly roll your hips, pumping just the head in and out of me. I capture your lips and moan in your mouth, unable to resist the pleasure that pierces my body.

I tear myself away from your mouth, and arch my back, silently begging you to feed me more cock. "Ooooh...." I shout when you lift me up and slam me down on the full length of your throbbing shaft.

I rest my hands on your thighs and my head falls backwards. My flowing hair caresses my back and I begin to move on you. You're in me so deep.... You lean forward to wrap your lips around my nipple and my whole body begins to shake and tremble.  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Meal

The restaurant was famous but at this hour, it was almost empty. We sat down and ordered, then ate in a peaceful silence. When the addition came, I went downstairs to wash my hands. After a minute, I saw him in the mirror. He didn’t say a thing and put his hands on my waist. He was so sure of his power over me. He took my hand and headed for the last stall, the largest, and locked the door. He pushed me against the wall, facing it, and put my hands flat on it. His hands sneaked under my skirt and reached the lace of my panties and tore them. I didn’t dare to make a sound, my head spinning and my body shaking. He put his chin on my shoulder and nibbled my ear, while his fingers checked that I was ready for him. He introduced a finger in me, then two, stroked me, inside, outside, as a prelude to what would inevitably happen. I heard the sound of a zipper and suddenly he pressed himself against me. He muttered a curse when his skin made contact with mine while I stifled a moan. Finally, I felt his hard cock plunged into me and he began to move, slowly at first, then with increasing force. We heard the door open and the voice of two women filled the silence. I bit my tongue while he continued his comings and goings like we were still alone. I felt my orgasm building and I couldn’t do anything to prevent it. The women finally went out and my orgasm erupted with an intensity that left me breathless. I felt his cock twitching in me as he too reached his orgasm. After a minute of total stillness, we began to put some order in our appearance. I realised that I didn’t have any panties anymore and my skin was red as we crossed our way out of the restaurant.


You asked me to pick you up at the airport and I can’t wait to see you again, after two months being without you. The traffic is slowing me down and I curse, afraid to be late. I finally reach the airport just in time, park my car and run to the place we agreed to meet. Breathless, I look around until my eyes set on you. You’re standing near the big window that allows you to watch the planes take off, gazing into space, not aware of the look the women near you are giving you; in that moment, I feel so proud that you are mine… As if you sense my presence, you slowly turn around to meet my eyes, a smile playing on your lips. I run to you, unable to restrain myself; you open your arms to catch me in a swirling embrace, your mouth finding mine, giving me a scorching kiss.

Laughing, holding each other tight, we finally exit the airport to reach my car. The drive back home is easier, the night is now here, and the traffic is fluid. We don’t talk but touch each other, your hand on my thigh, caressing it, letting me know that you are as impatient as me to be home. The electricity in the car is intolerable and I can’t wait to show you properly how much I missed you.

After what seems an eternity, we finally reach the house and I park the car in the backyard. As soon as I turn the engine off, you take me in your arms to bring me on your lap. Before I can argue that we need to get inside the house, you strip me in a hurry and latch at my body like a starved man.

I'm So Easy

Why can't I resist you? I look at you, helpless to deny you, as your hand goes to my cheek, gently caressing it. I shiver and my head falls backwards, allowing you better access. Your eyes follow your hand, drawing an imaginary line between my cheek to my neck, and I hold my breath. You bend your head and your mouth replaces your fingers, lightly biting my skin, then smoothing it with your tongue. You press your body against mine to make me feel your hardness, your arms holding me tight.

I Want To Devour You Part 1

I come in the room to find you lying on the bed, only wearing your smile. I know exactly what you expect me to do… I slowly walk to the bed, never letting my eyes leave your beautiful body. You’re already erect, a pearl drop of pre-cum glistens on the head. I am moist just from the thought of what is going to happen. The sight of your arousal quickens my pulse. I climb on the bed and kneel between your legs. I lean in close to smell your arousal. I always loved the way you smell when you’re ready to have sex. It’s a special fragrance that turns me on.
I raise up and my eyes rove over your strong thighs. I don’t want to stare too much at your beautiful cock; you’re already very proud of it and I don’t need to add to your cockiness. I cup your fat testicles with one hand, kneading gently and your groans are music to my ears. I can barely wrap my other hand around the base of your engorged cock. With a soft moan of hunger, I bring my lips to the tip, sliding my mouth slowly downward, taking as much as I can. I never stop stroking you, slow; then fast, then slow again. Your hips are moving in a dance of love.
My tongue probes and tease along the bottom of the large shaft, making you shudder. You close your eyes and grunt your approval. You lay back, letting me have my way with your body. This is all I have been waiting for, a chance to please you and give you pleasure. This is a task that I attack with enthusiasm.
My tongue traces a wet line along your cock, redrawing the veins that run through it. The taste of your cock is driving me mad with desire. When I finally arrive at its base, I decide to focus my attention there for a little while. My hand is massaging your balls, feeling them withdraw under the slight pressure. My mouth goes back up and then down to engulf your shaft in one movement. My tongue plays with the sensitive underside, my lips tighten around it, until you reach the back of my throat. I hum softly, sending vibrations on your cock, and you squirm with pleasure. I keep a tight hold on your balls while I’m going slowly up and down your shaft, sliding easily along it. Your body begins to tighten and your hands grip the sheets in an attempt to stay still. You groan and arch your back, warning me that your release is close.
I look up into your eyes. “Baby, where do you want to come, in my mouth or deep inside me?”

Love Me, Please Love Me

The bathroom door is open, so I take it as an invitation. I enter quietly and widen my eyes as I watch you. You lie in the bathtub; your head tilted back, your mouth open on a moan… Your right hand is in the water, creating waves as you let it go up and down your cock. I’m holding my breath, watching you, so beautiful in your pleasure. I see you tense as the orgasm is building.
You suddenly open your eyes and stop abruptly seeing me. A wicked smile on your lips, you leave your hand and extend it to me. “It would be a shame to waste it in the water, don’t you think?” Undressing in a hurry, I take your hand and stride over the bathtub. I look down at you, my legs wide open, waiting for your command. You pull me to you, my pussy located just above your mouth. I sigh as your tongue brushes my clitoris. I put my hands on your shoulders, my legs not holding me anymore. Your hands come to rest on my ass and you pull me closer, intensifying your kiss…You nuzzle into that damp softness and I feel your mouth cover my most sensitive part in a wet, open kiss. Your tongue runs on my clitoris in long, savoring strokes. Each slide of your tongue opens me to a great pleasure. You’re still holding me, forbidding me any evasion. I can feel my body preparing itself for the big storm approaching. You tongue enters me, taking my breath away. My orgasm comes, shattering and intense. I scream your name as I come in your mouth. Your mouth lingers, drinking my pleasure with avidity. I take an agitated breath, while gooseflesh rises on my arms. My body seems to lose all its tension, my limbs loosening.
“Put your hand beneath your breast and bring it to my mouth.” I lean over you to obey, my body shaking and trembling. You breathe deeply and your tongue begins to trace and lick the small bud, making me shivering all over again. You take my hardening nipple between your finger and thumb and pinch it softly. A moan escapes my mouth, the gentle pressure driving me mad. I arch my back to give you more of my breast into your hand. You release it and smile at me, ordering with your eyes to sit on your lap.
I slowly go down on your cock, so hard and so ready for me. You tilt your head back on the bathtub and close your eyes. I begin to move up and down on your cock, the water following every movement, forming waves around us. You put your hands on my hips, instigating a faster, stronger rhythm. I obey you and we soon find ourselves moaning in unison, our bodies in perfect synchronization. The orgasm takes us at the same time and our bodies shake, splashing water everywhere. Deeply satisfied, my body still tingling with aftershocks, I lie down on you, resting my head on your shoulder. You put your arms around me and hold me close. 

You're Back

I’m turning my back to the door but I can feel you enter the room. Much to my shame, I feel every parcel of my body reacting to your presence, tingling with anticipation. It’s been so long. I thought I’ll never see you again. You don’t say a word and take me in your arms. In spite of your lack of explanations, I can’t stand it anymore… I want you so badly. I turn around to face you and you welcome me with a knowing smile on your lips… You begin our “dance of love” as you call it by murmuring sweet nothings to my ear. You know how much I get turned on with your words only. Your breath on my neck sends shivers through my whole body. Your fingers play leisurely on my nape. Your tongue traces a path from my neck to my shoulder while your hand goes to my breast, caressing it lightly…. You drag me to the bed where you lay me gently. Your mouth replaces your fingers on my breast and you bite me gently. Your head goes down again, reaching the most sensitive part of my body, and covering it with a wet and open kiss. Your tongue is circling my clitoris, bringing me so much pleasure that my body begins to shiver. Unable to resist, I convulse in raw shudders, crying out your name. Your mouth lingers softly, as if you were reluctant to stop.  

The Hard Way

"So how is it gonna be tonight? The gentle way...or the hard way?" I look at your eyes and I know exactly which way you want. I whisper my answer and drop to the floor on hands and knees. You growl and pull my hair while your fingers search for my pussy. I don't need any preliminaries; I'm already wet with anticipation. You unfasten your pants and thrust inside me with an urgency that matches mine. You start to come inside and outside me violently, your cum splattering across my outer lips and ass. You keep a tight grip on my hair, my sclap is hurting me and tears come to my eyes. This is no matter to me as you ram back into me and my orgasm builds; so strong, so hard, so yours. 

Good Bye My Love

I still crave for your hands on me. I still crave for your mouth on me. I still crave for your body on mine. I still crave for you to be inside me. But I know now that it’s only a fantasy. So I’ll go on, imagining your hands on me, your mouth on me, your body on mine, you inside me…knowing that I’ll never have any of these.


“I’m going to kiss all the way down your body and up again. And I want you to lie perfectly still and let me do as I please. You can do that, can’t you?” I look at you through my eyelashes, enable to move even if I wanted to. Your words pine me to the bed like no ropes could do. You begin by bringing your mouth to my ear, your lips toying with the soft lobe. Then you slowly go down my neck, licking and biting…until you reach my breasts. You close your thumb and forefinger over my nipple in a playful pinch. I jerk in surprise. “Too hard?” I take a deep breath and whisper “no”. You take one nipple in your mouth, play with me, as a helpless sound climb in my throat.

Rough Encounter

I’m coming to you dressed only with my pearls and my stockings. I chose white, for the virginal effect, knowing that it will be a real turn on for you. You see me as soon as I enter the room, and your eyes widen slightly. You drop the book you were reading and come to me with that feline walk you always use to arouse me. You grab my arm, pull me against you and give me a quick kiss. You take me in your arms and carry me to the sofa where you drop me, not tenderly. But I know that tonight is not about tenderness and I smile at you, pleased with your macho moves. You undress in a hurry and grab my legs, open them wide, while your cock search for my pussy. You enter me without any preliminaries, and in spite of the pain, or maybe because of it, I moan in pleasure. You take me savagely, grunting and cursing.

Waking You Up

I came back home late tonight, and I know that you’re already in bed. I slip into the bedroom, go to lighten the bathroom so I can see a little, and silently take off my clothes. You’re lying on your back, the sheets at your feet. I can’t suppress a smile; you always push the sheets away in your sleep. I look at you as you snore softly and I feel my body awaken at your sight. You always have that effect on me. I can’t resist and slowly straddle your legs, making my way up your body and kissing every parcel of your skin. I know exactly when you wake up… Your breathing speeds up and your body tenses a little. I smile at you, my head now above yours. I bend over and kiss you leisurely. I feel you moving under me, and suddenly your fingers come to my pussy, pushing inside me without any effort. My mind goes blank as my body looses all control.

Sensual Driving

As I drive you around my country, trying to show you every place I like, I feel your hand on my thighs. The feeling is disturbing and I have to focus on my driving while my body is very aware of yours next to me. Your hand begins to slowly go up, pulling up my dress in the process and revealing the top of my stocking. When you reach the part of my leg that’s uncovered, you gently caress it, sending shivers all over my body. I’m beginning to lose my focus and when you try to go a little up on my leg, I have to stop you before my control leave me completely. I grip your arm and put your hand back on your seat. I look at you and grin, knowing that there is a little place in the wood not so far away where we’ll be able to continue that little game.

Taking Control

Tonight I’m in charge. I want you to hold the bed post and let me take care of you. You are beautiful lying there… I begin to caress your shoulders and your neck. I love the way your skin feels under my fingers. My mouth comes close to your ear, and I blow softly on your neck. My hand comes to your hair, pulling your head back. Now your neck is exposed for me, and I gently bite it, lick it, and bite it again…. I slowly go down your chest, taking one nipple in my mouth, sucking it until it becomes a small hard pearl under my tongue, and pinching the other one with my fingers, not too hard to hurt you, but hard enough for you to feel it…. The descent continues, slowly, inexorably.... I reach your navel and my tongue plays with it for a minute... I can feel you shivering, your body so ready for me. Are you still with me? Do you want me to go down a little more? 


It’s funny how everything looks blurry when a relationship is ending. If I can call what we had a relationship that is. I trusted you. I trusted you with all my heart. I had doubts of course, and when I told you about them, you just convinced me that I was silly, that you loved me, that you cared. And I believed you! I so wanted to believe you. You can brag, you know! You’ve got me around your finger and you played me like a pro. Now I’m left with only sorrow and a whole in my heart. Where you were having fun, I was deadly serious. I wasn’t at the beginning though. I didn’t want to. But again, you convinced me that you were sincere. In fact, you convinced me to believe and do things I never thought I was capable of. Did you enjoy making a fool out of me? Did it thrill you? 

Wet Fantasy

I’m waiting for you on the bed, just like you asked me to. I’m wearing the gifts you gave me a little earlier: black laced bra and panties, garter, stockings… I watch you coming out of the bathroom, a towel around your waist. I want to rip that towel and lick every drops of water on your chest, but I stay there, where you want me. Tonight, you decide whatever will happen. Tonight, I will be your willing slave, for you to enjoy. The little smile on your lips and your half closed eyes let me know that you know exactly what to do to make me beg and scream. I bite my lower lip and watch you come to me…

The Beach

Ahhh, the beach with you. I can clearly picture it in my head. We would go to one of these beaches where nobody could see us. A little private beach, just for the two of us. I know one… We would swim a little, play in the water (you catch me, I catch you) and then go to the shore. But not to rest. No. Not with you by my side! I would roll on top of you, and make savagely love to you. I would get us both dirty so we could go back in the sea to clean ourselves and play some more 

Watching You Sleep

I enter the room on my tiptoes. There is no light but it's the full moon, so I can see my Chouchou lying on his back. I make no sound as I approach the bed. I bend over him and watch him as he sleeps. So beautiful my Chouchou, so strong, even in his sleep. I slowly spread the sheets so I can see all of him. He's magnificent and I can't help touching him, oh so lightly. I begin with chest, so powerful and yet so soft under my fingers. My hand goes down, reaching his belly button. He stirs in his sleep and I hold my breath. I look at his cock, which was flaccid a few minutes ago but begins to grow right before my eyes. My body reacts to the beautiful sight. My nipples grow hard and a wetness appears between my legs. I know he needs his sleep, so I sadly put the sheets back on him and tiptoes out of the room. Before I close the door, I glance at him one last time and sigh. Life's unfair sometimes. Good night my Chouchou can't wait for you to wake up…

I Want....

I want you to make me feel alive with your hands, your mouth, and your body. I want to be your only concern. I want to see in your eyes all the love you feel for me. I want to see in your gestures all the tenderness you feel for me. I want to hear in your words all the passion you feel for me. I want you to love me like there's no tomorrow. I want to be so much loved that I won't remember anything before us 

Feeling Lonely

I couldn’t sleep last night. I thought about too many things. I thought about you. Not hearing from you for so long is driving me mad. I feel lonely and helpless. I know you are really busy and I’m not a priority, but it doesn’t hurt me less. I'm tired of waiting for a sign from you. I feel like a teenager, waiting close to the phone. And lately, you didn't give me any indications that you still care about me. Maybe I'm too demanding... Maybe you're tired of me...I need to have certitudes. An email should take you about a minute and it would allow me to breathe more freely. No sexy post today…. That’s the only way I found to let you know how I feel…sad isn’t 


A sofa…two bodies…hot weather…hard breathing…wet skins…slow moves…big fan on the ceiling blowing hot air…slow music…you under me…me on you…moanings…God I love you.

Learning To Know You

I already know how you’re going to feel in my mouth. I know what you’re going to taste on my tongue. Even if it’s the first time, I know all that. I slowly bend my head, my lips parting as I approach your cock. I see it jerk as you feel my breath caressing it. My lips gently close around its head. My tongue licks the pearl of pre-cum. I close my eyes, savoring the salty taste. My fingers find the base of your cock, where the curves of your testicles begin. I wrap my hand around it, while the other is going under your balls, caressing them, massaging them, stroking them. You spread your legs a little more, giving me a better access.