"I understood all the words. They were new and made sense. That's why the past was the past. That's why, if everything changes and wears out, then loves also fade away. You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I 'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. You shouldn't have started, attracted me, touched me. I shouldn't have given so much, I don't know how to play. People tell me that today that's how other women do things. But I'm not any other women. Before we get too close, before we throw it away, You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. I'll find other languages to sing your praises. I'll pack our bags for the fields of eternal harvests. I'll say those magic words spoken by African healers. I'll say them with no regrets, so that you love me still. I'll make myself a queen so that you don't leave me. I'll make myself new so the fire starts again. I'll become like those other women who make you happy. Your games will be our games, if that's what you desire. I'll make myself brighter, more beautiful, to rekindle the spark. I'll turn myself to gold, so that you love me still."

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Menage Fantasy Part I

Oh God, what am I about to do?
Janice looked at the two men in front of her. She loved them with equal passion, and was unable to choose. Brent was the first to suggest it.
“Why would you choose? I’m willing to share you with him, if he agrees. Why don’t you ask him, you could be surprise…”
So she asked him. And guess what? He accepted it…On one condition: He wasn’t attracted by men and didn’t want any…interraction with Brent. She was ok with that, after all, she wanted both of them for herself.
And here she was, looking at those two men who were waiting for her to stop blushing and shaking like a schoolgirl.

Marcus wasn’t very happy. He was there because he loved Janice, and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to handle it. What if he couldn’t stand to see Brent’s hands on her? This was so awkward, all of them waiting for someone else to move. Maybe he should be the first to go to her. As soon as the thought formed in his mind, he saw Brent standing up and walking to meet Janice. Damn! Brent drew her into his arms and kissed her, slowly, his lips lingering over her mouth. Janice seemed to melt into the kiss and Marcus clenched his teeth. She was molding against him, arching her head back into his waiting hand and baring more of her neck. Brent took advantage of her tempting skin under his lips and nibbled at her. She moaned in his arms.

Marcus’ balls hurt. His chest hurt. Damn it, he couldn’t take this any longer. Torn, he stood there staring at Brent and Janice sharing the intimacy of wet kisses, hungry, going out of his fucking mind. He unconsciously took a step forward as Brent was starting to undress her.

“Should I?” Brent asked him, hands poised on the last fold of the tie at her waist.

Janice sent him a dazed look over her shoulder. She was so ready for it now. All her apprehensions were gone as long as her shyness. She wanted them, both of them, with a force she didn’t know she had inside her.

Brent’s fingers inched down Janice’s legs to brush over the sensitive area just above her clit. She was happy she didn't wear any panties. He used his other hand to unfasten the belt that was keeping the dress at her waist, and it felt on the floor. And now she was totally, stunningly naked.

Brent wrapped his hands around her thighs and gently pulled, spreading her legs wide. Marcus has now a clear view of her glistering pussy and he heard Janice drew a ragged breath. What was he doing on this side of the bed, all alone, with his desire burning his entire body? The hell with it, he wouldn’t stand there any longer!

From the corner of her eyes, Janice saw Marcus marched around the bed and move forward with a determined look, a dangerous gleam in his eyes. He finally reached them, and pressed himself against her back, wrapping his right arm around her waist. His hand went down, aiming at her pussy in a soft gesture that contrasted with his hungry look. He lowered the hand on her thigh, tracing lazy patterns through her pussy before he slowly dipped inside, watching her body swallow it. With a moan, she rested the back of her head on Marcus’ shoulder while Brent watched him penetrate her with one finger, slowly fucking her, before adding another one.

Brent didn’t stay motionless too long, that wasn't in his nature. He bent his head forward until his mouth brushed an already erected nipple. He began to suck it gently, whirling his tongue around it, then he bit it slightly, having Janice gasped from pain and pleasure at the same time. He eased the bite by gently licking it, then went to give the same treatment to her other nipple.

Janice was slowly losing her mind, the sensation of Marcus’ fingers and Brent’s mouth almost overwhelming. She reached down and pushed Marcus’ hand away, plunging her fingers in her pussy, then she held up one wet finger and traced her nipple with her juices.

“Taste me,” she pleaded to Brent who didn’t hesitate and sucked on the coated nipple, licking off every drop. Marcus’ hand came back to its original task, his mouth nibbling at her neck.

“Will you let me taste you too?” He whispered in her ear, the caress of his finger intensifying with each strokes. Before she could answer, Brent’s hand went to her pussy, mingling with the other man’s fingers. Marcus jumped and stood still as Brent brought his soaked fingers up, stopping at a few inches from Marcus’ mouth and offering them for him to taste.

Janice tensed, worried about Marcus’ reaction to Brent obviously sensual gesture. She looked at the man in front her with pleading eyes but he just smiled and winked at her, his fingers still waiting at Marcus’ mouth. She could feel Marcus tensed body against her, and she prayed he would not leave now…


  1. Very hot honey...what woman doesn't dream of two men's attention solely on her? *big grins*

  2. Jade, oh baby - you are really working this scene. I could feel the conflict in Marcus as he is torn between his desire for Janice and his fear of the unknown. The unknown obviously being intimate contact with another man. I am so liking Brent, he is me - I could easily see myself doing what he did and offering my wet fingers up to Marcus' mouth. Oh wow, this is such a hot, little scene that could go in a couple of different directions. I'm impressed with your technique, this is a nice, sexy piece of writing. I am very proud of my student. Muah!!@