"I understood all the words. They were new and made sense. That's why the past was the past. That's why, if everything changes and wears out, then loves also fade away. You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I 'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. You shouldn't have started, attracted me, touched me. I shouldn't have given so much, I don't know how to play. People tell me that today that's how other women do things. But I'm not any other women. Before we get too close, before we throw it away, You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. I'll find other languages to sing your praises. I'll pack our bags for the fields of eternal harvests. I'll say those magic words spoken by African healers. I'll say them with no regrets, so that you love me still. I'll make myself a queen so that you don't leave me. I'll make myself new so the fire starts again. I'll become like those other women who make you happy. Your games will be our games, if that's what you desire. I'll make myself brighter, more beautiful, to rekindle the spark. I'll turn myself to gold, so that you love me still."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Want To Devour You Part 1

I come in the room to find you lying on the bed, only wearing your smile. I know exactly what you expect me to do… I slowly walk to the bed, never letting my eyes leave your beautiful body. You’re already erect, a pearl drop of pre-cum glistens on the head. I am moist just from the thought of what is going to happen. The sight of your arousal quickens my pulse. I climb on the bed and kneel between your legs. I lean in close to smell your arousal. I always loved the way you smell when you’re ready to have sex. It’s a special fragrance that turns me on.
I raise up and my eyes rove over your strong thighs. I don’t want to stare too much at your beautiful cock; you’re already very proud of it and I don’t need to add to your cockiness. I cup your fat testicles with one hand, kneading gently and your groans are music to my ears. I can barely wrap my other hand around the base of your engorged cock. With a soft moan of hunger, I bring my lips to the tip, sliding my mouth slowly downward, taking as much as I can. I never stop stroking you, slow; then fast, then slow again. Your hips are moving in a dance of love.
My tongue probes and tease along the bottom of the large shaft, making you shudder. You close your eyes and grunt your approval. You lay back, letting me have my way with your body. This is all I have been waiting for, a chance to please you and give you pleasure. This is a task that I attack with enthusiasm.
My tongue traces a wet line along your cock, redrawing the veins that run through it. The taste of your cock is driving me mad with desire. When I finally arrive at its base, I decide to focus my attention there for a little while. My hand is massaging your balls, feeling them withdraw under the slight pressure. My mouth goes back up and then down to engulf your shaft in one movement. My tongue plays with the sensitive underside, my lips tighten around it, until you reach the back of my throat. I hum softly, sending vibrations on your cock, and you squirm with pleasure. I keep a tight hold on your balls while I’m going slowly up and down your shaft, sliding easily along it. Your body begins to tighten and your hands grip the sheets in an attempt to stay still. You groan and arch your back, warning me that your release is close.
I look up into your eyes. “Baby, where do you want to come, in my mouth or deep inside me?”

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