"I understood all the words. They were new and made sense. That's why the past was the past. That's why, if everything changes and wears out, then loves also fade away. You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I 'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. You shouldn't have started, attracted me, touched me. I shouldn't have given so much, I don't know how to play. People tell me that today that's how other women do things. But I'm not any other women. Before we get too close, before we throw it away, You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. I'll find other languages to sing your praises. I'll pack our bags for the fields of eternal harvests. I'll say those magic words spoken by African healers. I'll say them with no regrets, so that you love me still. I'll make myself a queen so that you don't leave me. I'll make myself new so the fire starts again. I'll become like those other women who make you happy. Your games will be our games, if that's what you desire. I'll make myself brighter, more beautiful, to rekindle the spark. I'll turn myself to gold, so that you love me still."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Love Me, Please Love Me

The bathroom door is open, so I take it as an invitation. I enter quietly and widen my eyes as I watch you. You lie in the bathtub; your head tilted back, your mouth open on a moan… Your right hand is in the water, creating waves as you let it go up and down your cock. I’m holding my breath, watching you, so beautiful in your pleasure. I see you tense as the orgasm is building.
You suddenly open your eyes and stop abruptly seeing me. A wicked smile on your lips, you leave your hand and extend it to me. “It would be a shame to waste it in the water, don’t you think?” Undressing in a hurry, I take your hand and stride over the bathtub. I look down at you, my legs wide open, waiting for your command. You pull me to you, my pussy located just above your mouth. I sigh as your tongue brushes my clitoris. I put my hands on your shoulders, my legs not holding me anymore. Your hands come to rest on my ass and you pull me closer, intensifying your kiss…You nuzzle into that damp softness and I feel your mouth cover my most sensitive part in a wet, open kiss. Your tongue runs on my clitoris in long, savoring strokes. Each slide of your tongue opens me to a great pleasure. You’re still holding me, forbidding me any evasion. I can feel my body preparing itself for the big storm approaching. You tongue enters me, taking my breath away. My orgasm comes, shattering and intense. I scream your name as I come in your mouth. Your mouth lingers, drinking my pleasure with avidity. I take an agitated breath, while gooseflesh rises on my arms. My body seems to lose all its tension, my limbs loosening.
“Put your hand beneath your breast and bring it to my mouth.” I lean over you to obey, my body shaking and trembling. You breathe deeply and your tongue begins to trace and lick the small bud, making me shivering all over again. You take my hardening nipple between your finger and thumb and pinch it softly. A moan escapes my mouth, the gentle pressure driving me mad. I arch my back to give you more of my breast into your hand. You release it and smile at me, ordering with your eyes to sit on your lap.
I slowly go down on your cock, so hard and so ready for me. You tilt your head back on the bathtub and close your eyes. I begin to move up and down on your cock, the water following every movement, forming waves around us. You put your hands on my hips, instigating a faster, stronger rhythm. I obey you and we soon find ourselves moaning in unison, our bodies in perfect synchronization. The orgasm takes us at the same time and our bodies shake, splashing water everywhere. Deeply satisfied, my body still tingling with aftershocks, I lie down on you, resting my head on your shoulder. You put your arms around me and hold me close. 

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