"I understood all the words. They were new and made sense. That's why the past was the past. That's why, if everything changes and wears out, then loves also fade away. You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I 'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. You shouldn't have started, attracted me, touched me. I shouldn't have given so much, I don't know how to play. People tell me that today that's how other women do things. But I'm not any other women. Before we get too close, before we throw it away, You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. I'll find other languages to sing your praises. I'll pack our bags for the fields of eternal harvests. I'll say those magic words spoken by African healers. I'll say them with no regrets, so that you love me still. I'll make myself a queen so that you don't leave me. I'll make myself new so the fire starts again. I'll become like those other women who make you happy. Your games will be our games, if that's what you desire. I'll make myself brighter, more beautiful, to rekindle the spark. I'll turn myself to gold, so that you love me still."

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Limo

I picked you up at the airport with a limo… nothing’s too good for you. You grin when you see that, a sparkle in your eyes. I know exactly what’s on your mind at that moment, and can’t wait to get in the car. The chauffeur winks at you… He too knows what you are up too. I rush in the back seat, not wanting either of you seeing me blushing. I can hear you laugh at something the other man tells you… God, how I love that laugh! I see you give some money to the driver through the tinted glass, wondering what deal you made with him.

You finally enter the car, still smiling broadly, and sit very close to me. As soon as the chauffeur takes his seat, he closes the partition glass and we find ourselves alone, like in a cocoon. The look you send me at that moment speaks volume. Without a word, you reach out for my dress, almost ripping it apart, as your lips crush mine in a scorching kiss. I gasp and you slip your tongue in my mouth, not giving me any time to adjust to your fury. I surrender in a sigh, your hands travelling on my body and leaving me no peace. It’s a war that’s going on in the back seat of this limo. A war you will win, for I am already under your spell.

I find myself naked from the waist up, not knowing how it happened, my bra nowhere to be seen. You pull me against you so my back is pressed against your chest. My head fall backwards, leaning on your shoulder, while your right hand comes to my neck as if you wanted to strangle me. Your left hand goes down my body, until it reaches the lace of my underwear. I hold my breath, waiting for your fingers to work their magic. I can feel your breath on my ear, as you murmur what you are going to do to me. Your fingers find the way under the lace, gently probing, and you hum in my ear as you notice the wetness that invaded my pussy.

Your mouth comes to my neck, nibbling, kissing, biting, while your fingers keep their ballet under the lace. My breath begins to be erratic, and my body slowly moves to try to put more pressure where your fingertips just brushed me. The hand on my neck increases the pressure, ordering me to stay still. I close my eyes and obey you, leaving you in charge of my pleasure.    

As I lay still, you take advantage of me, doing whatever pleases you. Your fingers resume their sweet torture, sending flashes of pleasure throughout my whole body. You circle my clitoris, before plunging into my dampness, snatching moans out of me. My hands come to join yours, as the orgasm hits me, shaking my body from head to toe.

My body is limp from the pleasure, my eyes can’t focus properly, and I almost fall asleep in your arms. You gently shake me as the limo slows down and I realize we’ve reached our destination. You help me get dressed tenderly, your eyes never leaving my face. I suppose that you like to see that look of contentment on it.

As the car comes to a complete stop, I remember something I wanted to ask you.
“Why did you give money to the chauffeur? I already paid for everything.”
You smile at me, the back of your hand brushing my cheek.
“I wanted him to take the longest route…”