"I understood all the words. They were new and made sense. That's why the past was the past. That's why, if everything changes and wears out, then loves also fade away. You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I 'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. You shouldn't have started, attracted me, touched me. I shouldn't have given so much, I don't know how to play. People tell me that today that's how other women do things. But I'm not any other women. Before we get too close, before we throw it away, You should know I'll look for your heart if you take it somewhere else. I'll look for your soul in the cold, in the flame. I'll cast a spell on you, so that you love me still. I'll find other languages to sing your praises. I'll pack our bags for the fields of eternal harvests. I'll say those magic words spoken by African healers. I'll say them with no regrets, so that you love me still. I'll make myself a queen so that you don't leave me. I'll make myself new so the fire starts again. I'll become like those other women who make you happy. Your games will be our games, if that's what you desire. I'll make myself brighter, more beautiful, to rekindle the spark. I'll turn myself to gold, so that you love me still."

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I dream...

I’m going to bed, feeling lost and sad, wishing you were here with me. My sleep has been full of dreams about you lately.
I dream of your body against mine; your skin glistening with sweat sliding on mine.
I dream about our legs entangled, our hands traveling along our bodies, our heavy breathing while you pound merciless in me.
I dream about your hands on my breasts, gently squeezing them, preparing them for your mouth.
I dream about your voice whispering sweet nothing in my ear, the weight of your body on mine.
I want you so badly.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm pissed

I storm in the room, feeling mad and upset, and find you lazily resting on the bed, wearing only your boxers. You look at me, raising a questioning eyebrow, and my fury knows no bound. I scream at you, calling you names, angry as I’ve never been, but you just smile at me, waiting for the storm to calm down. You are so sure of my love for you that you don’t try to appease me. You know that I will forgive you in the end, and you just wait patiently for it to happen.
I finally realize that you’re not reacting to my tantrum and I look at you, my eyes still gleaming with fury, as my body is beginning to react to your exposed body.
You slowly raise your arms and put your hands under your head, while you slightly spread your legs, inviting me to take possession of your body.
Oooo that’s how you want to play it?
I quickly undress, keeping my underwear, and go to the closet and retrieve the handcuffs you offered me for Christmas. As I climb on the bed, overlooking at you from my standing position, your eyes widen in surprise. You never thought that I could use those on you. You slowly put your arms down along your body, and I can see uncertainty in your eyes. The corners of my mouth rise in a grin.  
Oh baby, you don’t know what’s going to happen to you!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


You were sitting on the bed, your back facing the big mirror on the wall. I was able then to enjoy the sight of both your sides… Your front, with your muscular chest that rose and fell on the rhythm of your breathing; your back, with your broad shoulders and your narrow waist.

I slowly crawled on the bed, humming as I was getting closer to you. My arms went to your waist and I raised them along your back, watching in the mirror the contrast of my white hands against your black skin.

You didn’t move, letting me have my way with you, your hands resting on the bed on each side of your body to give me better access of all this exposed skin. My mouth closed around a nipple to tease, licking it and sucking it until I heard you groan. I gently blew on it, giving you goose bumps and went for the other one to give it the same treatment.

My breasts are pressed against your cock which begins to grow and my nails dig into your flesh at the idea of what is going to happen. I could feel the wetness between my thighs as my mouth came resting just above your cock.